Here is all you need to know about 'DeshKaMood' in 2019 Lok Sabha polls!

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UPA will be seen giving a hard strife to ‘Brand Modi’ if the present coalition persists.

The year 2018 is about to end and 2019 is around the corner to welcome the upcoming election season in the country. Amid announcement of the coalition and breaking up by several political parties, ABP News –Cvoter conducted a survey to get an idea of ‘DeshKaMood’, if elections are held today. The survey explains all possible results of polling in different states of the country.

According to the survey, voters remain in the mood to get NDA in power yet again. Though, the competition seems much tougher than 2014. UPA will be seen giving a hard strife to ‘Brand Modi’ if the present coalition persists.

If the ongoing coalition continues in 2019, NDA may get a total of 276 seats which will give a majority to Modi Government yet again at the centre. Congress led UPA which is currently the major party in the opposition may win a total of 112 seats with about 80 seats to the Congress alone. Others are likely to acquire 155 seats according to the survey.

The vote share is likely to be 38 percent, 25 percent and 37 percent of NDA, UPA, and Others respectively.

Here are the vote projections in major states:

Uttar Pradesh- Total Seats: 80

•    If grand coalition happens including congress then,

BJP- 24

Coalition- 56

•    If BSP contests alone then,

BJP- 70

Congress- 2

Others- 8

•    If SP-BSP contests together then,

BJP- 36

Congress- 2

SP-BSP- 42

Madhya Pradesh- Total Seats: 29

•    NDA- 26

UPA- 6

Rajasthan- Total Seats: 25

•    NDA- 18

UPA- 7

Maharashtra- Total Seats: 48

•    If the four major parties fight the elections separately then,

BJP- 22

Shiv Sena- 7

Congress- 11

NCP- 8

•    If NCP + Congress and Shiv Sena+ BJP then,

NDA- 36

UPA- 12

•    IF Shiv Sena separates with NDA then,

NDA- 30

UPA- 16

Shiv Sena- 2

Southern India (Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana) - Total Seats: 129

•    NDA- 21

UPA- 32

Others- 76

Haryana-Total Seats: 10

•    NDA- 6

UPA- 3

Others- 1

Punjab-Total Seats: 12

•    NDA- 12

UPA- 1

Delhi- Total Seats: 7

•    NDA- 7


The Survey was conducted from last week of August to last week of September on all the 543 seats of Lok Sabha with 32,547 people. General Elections are scheduled to take place in April or May 2019 for the constitution of 17th Lok Sabha.

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